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Q.   What are the requirements to be a volunteer firefighter?

A.   You must be 18 years of age and able to pass the physical agility test.  After a background check the applicant will meet with the Fire Department Merit Board for interviews and approval.

Q.    What classes or training are required to be a firefighter?

A.  The new member will go through Indiana Mandatory Firefighter & or Firefighter 1/2 Training that will be provided by STFD. The new member may be sent to another local fire department if they are hosting a Mandatory / Firefighter 1/2 course.

Q.    How much time is required to be a volunteer?

A.    Training is conducted weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until approximately 9:00 p.m. We also have daytime training available for those who work in the evenings.  The number of emergency runs will vary form week to week but you are not required to make every run. The department currently requires all active members to participate in 10% of all run activity. This usually comes out to 7-10 runs a month.

Q.   How long before I can make emergency runs?

A.   Upon completion of the Mandatory or Firefighter 1/2 course the new firefighter is certified to respond to all runs.  Before completion, a new member may respond to their station and if space is available on an apparatus, may respond to observe.

Q.    How much will it cost me to be a volunteer?

A.  Other than your time, there is no cost to the new member.  The Fire Department will purchase and maintain all of the safety equipment needed for the new member.  The cost to outfit one new member with all of their protective equipment is approximately $2500.  The fire department will also pay for any training for the new member,  including first responder or EMT training.

Q.   Is their any kind of testing to become a volunteer?

A.  The Scott Township Fire Department recognizes the strenuous nature of being a firefighter therefore a duty relevant physical agility test is required by all new members.  This seven (7) station test will test the cardiovascular and physical strength of the prospective new member. After successful completion of the physical agility test, the new prospect will complete a fire department paid for physical exam and psychological exam.

Q.    Am I required to make every run?

A.     No…The fire department understands no one can make every run and recognizes that family comes first.  We ask all members to make a minimum of 10% of all runs.

Q.    Do I have to be a firefighter to be a volunteer or are their other positions available for me?

A.     Although we are mainly looking for firefighters, we are also looking for people to volunteer as first responders, EMT’s, photographers or in many other capacities.  Feel free to ask…we have many needs that can be met by people from various backgrounds who would like to serve their community.

Q.    Can being a volunteer firefighter make it easier to become a paid firefighter?

A.   Yes and No…the  Firefighter 1/2 & EMT or Paramedic certification is a requirement to become part of the career staff of the Scott Township Fire Department.  Some people become volunteer firefighters in an attempt to become a firefighter with the City of Evansville.  Being a volunteer firefighter may or may not have any bearing when testing for Paid Fire Departments.

Q.    Does the family get involved with the Fire Department?

A.     Yes, definitely.  The Scott Township Fire Department considers itself a family.  We welcome your family to the fire department with family gatherings, holiday parties and monthly family dinners before training.  Families are also welcome to exercise with the member in the departments exercise room.

Q.    What if I get hurt?

A.     The Scott Township Fire Department carries workman’s compensation insurance on all members of the department.  Other insurance benefits are provided.

Q.    What do I get out of being a volunteer?

A.   In addition to the satisfaction of helping others in your community you will learn many new skills that are invaluable. You will also meet and socialize with others and become a member of a much larger family.

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